Quadrus Support

Quadrus support comes with a number of options catering to every client’s specific needs. Each product is shipped with built-in Basic Support. Check out the extended options below.

Basic support

Basic support is included in all licenses. We are happy to assist with any questions, so feel free to ask.
Perpetual licenses provide access to updates and basic support for a one (1) year period after purchase. Once the support period comes to an end, perpetual license holders receive limited support until the support license is renewed. Renewals are possible for licenses within active support plan and also during three months after support plan expiration.
The new one year support period is counted from the expiration date of the old support period.

Extended support

Each Enterprise Support Contract can be customized to meet your needs on yearly basis. To enable Quadrus Enterprise Support, contact us so we can go over your specific needs, use cases and deployment scenarios. We will then identify what support options and terms best fit your business and technology objectives.

If you have any questions, email support@quadrus.tv